Have Plate Will Travel : Rhythm Discover Center of Indianapolis, playing to your inner beat


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rhythm Discover Center of Indianapolis, playing to your inner beat

Music is an integral part of life. From a favorite song played over and over to a melody that brings back a special memory, music can evoke varied emotions. Even with music part of daily life, kids and adults don't often get the opportunity to play music as loud as they want. At the Rhythm! Discover Center of Indianapolis, everyone is encouraged to play to their inner beat.

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Rhythm! Discovery Center is the world’s foremost percussion museum. The museum hosts interactive, standards based educational exhibits, artist performances and innovative programs.  Drawing upon cultures from around the world, the Center offers an unique, engaging experience to explore the universality of rhythm and percussion and its role in shaping communication, music, art, performance and society. Walking through the visually captivating exhibit rooms and performance venue, guests are invited to fulfill their dreams of being a percussionist.

Having recently visited the museum, children loved being able to touch, to play and to create music. Museums tend to be quiet institutions where the look don't touch policy is strictly enforced. The kids were thrilled to know that they could bang, thump and create a beat as loud and fast as they wanted. With each crash of the cymbals or thumb of the bass drum, the kids’ smiles increased. The freedom that the museum allows them adds to the creativity.

The museum is more than just beating on a drum. The various exhibits explain how and why music has developed through history. From primitive instruments to electronically enhanced beats, the form and performance of music is important to the development of music. As cultures develop and even technology improves, the music created reflects these changes.

The Rhythm Discovery Center is located at the corner of Illinois and Washington Streets in downtown Indianapolis.  The museum is open Monday through Sunday, hours vary depending on the day. Tickets are $10 an adult, $8 for seniors and students, and $5 for children (children under 5 are free). For more information and to see a list of current exhibits, please visit http://rhythmdiscoverycenter.org/.

Rhythm! Discovery Center is an integral extension of the Percussive Arts Society whose mission is to advance the awareness of percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.

Both the musically inclined and the musically challenged will appreciate a visit to the Rhythm Discovery Center. Take the opportunity to make your own music and find your rhythm.

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