Have Plate Will Travel : Summer entertaining showcases its patriotic side


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer entertaining showcases its patriotic side

From the weekend Sunday dinner to the Fourth of July barbecue, summer entertaining often has a patriotic theme. From the classic red, white and blue color scheme to American imagery, summer is all about patriotic touches. Adding a few patriotic themed items to any gathering can make the event more special. Here are a few easy ways to add patriotic items to your next summer event. 

Do your friends have a fierce loyal pride to the state of Florida? Maybe the Cheesehead down the street bleeds green and gold? Then again, the whole USA is ready to cheer with Olympic pride later this summer. Epicurean offers USA shaped and state shaped cutting boards that are perfect for summer entertaining. 

Epicurean cutting boards are made in the USA. Whether used simply as a cutting board or used as a serving plate, these cutting boards are made for summer entertaining. Serve up some Wisconsin cheddar on the Wisconsin cutting board or some summer fruit on the Florida shaped board. The Epicurean cutting boards add some flare to the party. 

Tovolo: clear ice and pop molds

A good summer party comes with a beverage or two. The key to a great cocktail is how it is served. The Tovolo Clear Ice Maker System brings both style and taste to your summer cocktails. The perfectly insulated system creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom, classic sphere, leaving the top sphere crystal-clear and ultra-slow melting.  With these cubes margaritas, bourbons and even iced tea tastes better. 

Since everyone at the party should have a little amusement, Tovolo has a variety of novelty ice trays that can add a little fun to the party. At a patriotic themed summer party, the shapes can have guests cheering anchors away. 

American wines:
From various regions all around the United States, American wine has such amazing variety. From California’s bold reds to Washington’s subtle whites, everyone can find a wine that they can appreciate. For a summer patriotic party, a few wines will appease even the pickiest wine drinker. A wine from Josh Cellars is a drinkable. a California wine. Sourced from regions across California, Josh Cellars is a bold yet approachable wine perfect for sharing with family and friends. For Washington the enthusiasts, Skyfall is Washington’s Columbia Valley.  Skyfall Vineyard Wines are well balanced between the crisp acidity, firm tannins, and ripe fruit structure, ready for immediate enjoyment. Don’t forget to drink the wine from your favorite Govino glass.


  1. I love the Epicurean cutting boards. I was never a cutting boards person until I got into blogging because it's awesome for food photography! And.. cheese.
    We need a new ice maker, actually!

  2. Oh those cutting boards look like a lot of fun!! I have a butcher block that we use but it's not nearly as creative as that!

  3. I totally want one of those! I'm glad I live in California because that will make a nice long board :)

  4. My favorite wines are sweet red, but when paired with a juicy grilled steak, I can do a bold red. These are awesome festive ideas for the summer.

  5. I'm really liking that cheese board of the United States. What a fun serving display!

  6. I love those ice molds! They would be so fun for entertaining. So would those cutting boards! Presentation is so key when entertaining. Thanks for these ideas.

  7. I LOVE that cutting board!! We love to entertain, and I'm loving these products you showcased!